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Services & Products Offered by Digital Telecommunication Systems WA
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Telephone and Voicemail Systems

Digital Telecommunication Systems WA offers a wide range of telephone and voicemail systems from the world's premier providers and matches them to your business requirements.

Voice and Data Cabling

Cabling is one of the most critical yet least understood elements of a communications system. We specialize in analyzing and providing customized voice and data (copper) or fiber optic cable solutions that satisfy each client's requirements as well as all local building codes.

Nurse Call Systems

Digital Telecommunication Systems WA Installs, maintains and services the Advance Care Nurse Call System.

Consulting Services
Telecommunication Consulting

As an expert in the telecommunications field, we can help you with just about any telecommunications issue or need that may arise. Give us a call, and we will be more than happy to assist or consult with you.

Service And Maintenance

Digital Telecommunication Systems WA
  has fully trained technitians able to service and maintain a variety of telephone systems. Including NEC, Panasonic, Commanda, LG - Aria, Exicom, and Nitsuko. We are all so able to arrange service for  Alcatel and Nortel systems.

Service Agreements

Your telephone system is the lifeline of your business. That's why the purchase of a maintenance agreement is so important. Contact us to secure a maintenance contract on your critical communications equipment.
LG - Aria
Advance Care Nurse Call System