Digital Telecommunication Systems WA
Structured Cabling Solutions

Cabling is one of the most critical yet least understood elements of a communications system. We specialize in analyzing and providing customized voice and data (copper) or fiber optic cable solutions that satisfy each client's requirements, as well as all local building codes. Digital Telecommunication Systems WA. offers a complete solution to all aspects of a total and successful cable installation. From experience over the years, we have become very versatile and flexible when it comes to meeting our customer's needs and demands. Be it a unique structure that requires not-so-standard methods of installation, a unique technology requiring a combination of topologies or a requirement for work to be completed on short notice - whatever the unique requirements - you can count on DTS for complete support and professionalism from start to finish.

*  Category 5E & 6 Data Cabling
*  Category 3 Voice Cabling
*  Fiber Optics Cabling (Single Mode and Multi-Mode Fiber)
*  Indoor/Outdoor Backbone, Feeder Cables
*  Aerial and Burial Cable Outside Plant
*  Coax Cabling
*  Speaker Wire
*  Video, CATV (Security Cameras)

Voice and Data Copper Cabling

DTS specializes in installing structured cabling for both data and voice, Cat 3 and Cat 5 for voice, depending on your requirement, Cat 5E and Cat 6 for Data. We will work with you to successfully install a complete, easy-to-manage cable infrastructure. To accomplish this, all cabling must be run in a neat and orderly manner. This will ensure easy-to-maintain cabling for future diagnostics, strictly following TIA/568 standards.
Fibre Optic Cabling

DTS has extensive experience in single- and multi-mode fiber optic systems, mostly used as a backbone in large networks, where large distances need to be covered and where regular copper would not be able to carry the signal over the distance. Whether you need a single-mode, a multi-mode, a short cable run or need to tie together multiple buildings miles apart,Digital Telecommunication Systems. can help design, quote and install your next fiber optic project.

Outside Plant (Campus Backbone)

DTS can install cabling for WANs. We have worked extensively with campus-type cabling structures. These primarily consist of fiber optics, wireless, infrared or microwave. We have experience in large copper pair, aerial, direct burial or conduit bank environments.

Coax Cabling

Do you need to install Cable TV connections, Satellite TV connections or security camera connections in your office? Give us a call, we can do this too.

Customized Cabling

Have a special cabling need? We have seen them all and can provide you a solution to just about any need you have. Give us a call.

Racks and Enclosures

There are hundreds of types of racks and enclosures, and Digital Telecommunication Systems WA . can help you find the right one to house your equipment.

Performance Testing and Certifications

Testing a newly installed cable system is crucial to ensuring the overall integrity and long-term performance of a network.Digital Telecommunication Systems WA. tests every cable we install and can provide certification results upon request.

Lifetime Warranties

All cabling materials and labor supplied by Digital Telecommunication Systems WA. are always guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 10 years. In addition, certain projects can qualify for lifetime manufacture warranty.

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